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Any experience with JCAT or Clarus Crimson USB cables?

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Reaching out to see if CA members have experience and impressions of either of these cables.


I'm not interested in a "USB cables make no difference debate" as I believe they do make a difference and am willing to spend a bit of money if it makes sense. I'm also not interested in spending more as I think we're getting into diminishing returns above this price point.


If you've had experience with either, would love to hear it. Thanks!



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I have JCAT USB cable and JCAT Ref (2 leads) cables. For a long time I had convinced myself that a USB cable would not make any difference. However, the JCAT cables come with a trial period so I thought I would try them.


In my system (Berkeley Alpha USB, Berkeley Alpha Ref DAC) I hear better separation of instruments and what I'd describe as the ability of the system to make you 'jump' when an instrument suddenly appears.


The JCAT ref USB cable has a separate lead for the 5v and is the cable I now use. It's a bit strange but I believe cables for digital components have a more profound impact that cables connecting analogue components.

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