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ppa audio products for sale

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i'm selling these products , i just upgraded these also from ppa audio for more expensive oxco ( the best products our there) .


products i'm selling :


1: ppa audio grade 64G txco ssd --> 170$ .

2: ppa audio 256G for internal music -->210$ .

3: ppa red sata 20 cm (up direction 70 deg connector ) --> 100$ , i have 2 of these .

4: ppa txco mobo clock --> 80$ .


all these price included international shipping and paypal fees .


best mishel .

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Which red sata cable is it that you ae selling as there are 2 that Paul Pang sells - this one or the other slim one?


MS Windows 10, Cary 120S & D-Sonic M3-2800 amp, Marantz av8801, NAD M51,

Basis 1400 TT, Dahlquist DQ-10's & Monitor audio RX ( ctr,surr, rear RX6's) ,

1 - 12" & 1 dual RBH sub, Acoustic Revive RTP-6 conditioner, Panasonic GT50

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