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external cd drive


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I've read here an in several other places that the internal CD drive on the Macbook line may not be best suited for ripping. Do people generally agree with this notion and, if so, what external drives are recommended.


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i've had several optical drives in my ibook and although they rip and write perfectly adequately sooner or later they start to play silly buggers.

it usually happens that they won't accept a cd blank or otherwise and sometimes won't accept dvd's either, occasionally they won't eject a disc no matter what.

i've found the ultimate disc reader writer is an external yamaha with amqr facility (goodle it), the disc's it writes are far and away the best quality sound available (with amqr switched on) and i've had mine for about 7yrs without a single failure to read or write, and it's never 'locked' a disc in.

you can get the amqr on the yamaha 1300 and 1500 hard disc music server's but there are a few computer drives out there as well, check ebay.

good luck



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same question, in the market for an external drive, I have read Teac and Plextor and sometimes Pioneer are tops, any opinions?


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the guys over at ripnas tested a few drives and I don't think it was all drives from teak, but rather a particular model and it was for internal use/type. Not sure if its still around as these things change. I guess in general you can trust the brand.


I use an external pioneer and it has served me well ripping a bunch of cds and also doubles as my dvd ripper. I had two hps and they were junk with my pioneer out lasting both hps time wise.


I also have been using a blu-ray rom from sony that is very fast and produces accurate results per dbpoweramp. Its internal, but could be used with an e-sata connector and power adapter.


hope this helps


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Has anyone actually had their drive on a mac burn out from ripping cds? I am a little worried to rip a thousand cds with it and then need to replace it or have it start to glitch.


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