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Dirac's Mathias Johansson on room as well as speaker correction and more...

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Those interested in digital signal processing may watch this video interview that provides details about Dirac Live, including its limitations, as well as other subjects like a loudspeaker conceived from scratch for DSP processing, active room treatment in our future and more...



(for some reason this video freezed with my Thunderbird so I had to use another browser)

thanks for your time :)


Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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Thanks for posting it, Flavio. Most interesting. Dirac Unison has me intrigued.


Since you work for Dirac and obviously have a deep understanding of your product, I have a question for you: Dirac uses multipoint measurements. At the same time Mathias Johansson mentioned how target curves have to be matched to the type of speakers used. I have dynamic bass, and flat plane ESL midrange and tweeters. The ESLs become extremely directional, the higher up in the frequency range the more directional they become. In fact, if the listener positions their head outside the directional window, it becomes instantaneously obvious in terms of audio quality. How does Dirac handle this when using multiple measurement points?

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Dear Flavio,


Thank you for the link to the video. I am listening/watching learning as I post here. As you already know I employ iRC with Amarra Symphony since build 2.6 (2013), Amarra For TIDAL HIFI, AsQ+ and Dirac Live (Full program) presently with roon and with roon/TIDAL HIFI. I would not employ any of those programs without Dirac Research's two programs as I have enjoyed what impulse response correction brings overall to improving the SQ which is influenced by my listening room's acoustics and the speaker placement of my KEF Reference 107s (circa 1986).


With appreciation,


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I concur. Dirac Unison is intriguing. I look forward to the time when we can be presented with a trial. I have a an HT system that is 11.2 and would love to be able to accomplish what Dr. Johansson described as the outcome for using Unison. The future looks rich for both iRC and Unison and Panoramic programs for a the variety of sound delivery systems we computer audio hobbyist pursue. I believe the best is getting better...




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What ever happened with Dirac Unison? I've read of its implementation in vehicles, but is it still intended as a consumer product for audiophile use akin to Dirac Live?
I asked that question of them at CES. The answer is that automobile applications are coming first but they predict embedded implementations in consumer products as well as PC/Mac software in the coming year.

Kal Rubinson

Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


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