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Managing TIDAL favorites possible via Squeezebox Touch?

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Hi all,


Since a few months I am streaming TIDAL via ickstream to my Squeezebox Touch. Occasionally I experience - like others mentioned before - drop-outs (which I also believe are TIDAL originated) but most of the time it works fine. It shouldn't get worse though or I may rethink my subscription to the service.


I have a question related to managing TIDAL-Favorites with this mode of listening:

So far I have managed my Favorites (Artists and Albums) on the PC but would like to manage them in a more flexible way. When discovering new Artists and/or Albums, I would like to add an Artist or Album to my Favorites directly through the Squeezebox Touch (via the touch-screen the RC or one of the Squeezebox apps on the Tablet (e.g. squeezer)). Can you do this somehow?


Managing Favorites on the PC happens immediately on the TIDAL server and to realize what I would like is for the Squeezebox Touch to interact with the TIDAL server (via ickstream).


Where do you think this feature would require implementing new features? Is there a shortcut to writing down the new discoveries on a piece of paper and later on managing the Favorites on the PC? Or a workaround? How do you do this?


Thanks in advance for you response!

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