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A+ Duplicating files

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Duplicates is a known bug that Damien is said to be working on.


Perhaps best to post issues on the main thread?

See Musicophile's last post on the last page.




I fear we've compiled another massive wish-list for Damien to sift through... but I'd well imagine he'd be working on these kinds of bugs first.


Meanwhile, enjoy all the fabulous sound quality improvements ?

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To the OP.


In the Preferences, Library panel, check the path of the Library files and go to it with Finder.

Close A+. Delete the XML files that are in Finder path and restart A+. In the Preferences, Library panel, + the location of the library files and A+ will index the library from the beginning. I did this and removed all the duplication, the library has been updated many times since then and it hasn't occurred. The library is on an SMB share, not local and still works OK.


Good luck.

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OK great then delete the 3 files then whats the next step?


Just start up A+ and it will re-create the files and the album/track lists, without duplicates.

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