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Windows 10 installation - woes

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Well, nothing to write home about, but if someone else wants to Bootcamp a MacBookPro to Windows 10, here are a few tips.


1. Free Upgrade

Yes, but it doesn't work. Windows 10 installs (overnight) AFTER the 3.3GB download. I tried a few programs, Chrome, Jriver, HQPlayer, neither of them worked, worked fine on Win7 Ultimate before OK (wrong operating system, just hang, or did nothing). The Bluetooth mouse didn't work either, the Bluetooth Stack driver could not be installed (can't find driver).

After a reboot, I could not CTRL+ALT+DEL to log on. Gave up.


The idea is, get Windows 10 free version to download and perhaps be successful or stable enough to recover the Product Key (using a 3rd party tool), wipe the existing botched install, and start a fresh installation with the recovered product key. I found even on a Win7 Ultimate install, the Windows 10 Home download was installed, not much of a choice to go to the pro version.


2. New Windows 10 download from fresh

Ahh, this is where the fun begins. Microsoft provides a service where you can download a real Windows ISO (as for Win7 & 8), burn to disk, or in Bootcamp use to create the auto process of installing windows on OSX.


Click on download links at Microsoft and you go around in circles. You need to install the Media Creation Tool first, which is available here. Now, there are the N versions...what are these? These include the media player codecs and media player. I would have thought M for media, anyway. If you don't know what these variants are, can you let me know. You can create an ISO for 32/64bit, Home or Pro versions in various languages from the Media Creation Tool. Optionally you can download separately of just upgrade the existing install. (See step 1 to avoid pain). Hints on the Tool's use are here.


3. Install via Bootcamp

With the correct ISO, and process in OSX Bootcamp, the drivers for Windows all work fine and Windows installs fine on a fresh partition. This has been my historical approach to a new Windows OS, never perform an upgrade on an existing install and backup all your files.


For Bootcamp though, there's a gotcha. when Bootcamp creates the partition for Windows, the partition is GPT. Windows will not install on this partition. At the INSTALL Windows prompt in setup, select customise setup. Find the Bootcamp partition, and FORMAT this section only, click next and Windows will install on the create NTFS volume.


Too early yet to make any SQ judgements, the host audio machine is still on Win7, and will remain so for a while, the thought of re-installing all the programs again makes me ill.

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