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Problem with Chord 2Cute

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I recently purchased a 2Qute dac as an upgrade for my QuteHD. However I am experiencing some strange behaviour when using the dac.



I use the usb input through the latest Jriver mediacenter version on a windows 8.1 x64 installation. I installed the Asio driver from the Chord website and configured Jriver properly. All the music files play flawlessly (at various bit rates, with all the corosponding bitrate illumination colors) with impressive sound quality.



However when the music playback is stopped the bitrate indicator led keeps glowing. Even when I turn off the pc the bitrate led keeps glowing. When I inplug the usb cable sometimes the led stops glowing, but most of the time it still keeps glowing. I also tried the Tosling input, but this shows exactly the same behaviour. On my QuteHD the bitrate indicator led stopped glowing as soon as music playback was stopped.



I have tried different usb cables, I have reinstalled the audio drivers, tried different pc's.... I even went as far as completely reinstalling windows but nothing solves this isue.



Is there a workaround for this or is my 2Qute broken?



Thanks in advance.

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I have mine connected to an Auralic Aries not a computer .When I stop playing the music the light is still glowing .

If I turn the Aries completely off , the light on the my 2qute goes out .


When I turned the Aries network streamer back on the light is still out . I keep the Aries on all the time and when I stop playing

music the light still stays on .m

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The power light stays on when it is powered, and the source light shows which source is chosen. Both of these are independent of sample rate, which stays on to the last connected rate until changed.

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Thanks for clearing this one up guys. Happy to know that nothing is wrong with my unit.


What I find weird though is that the QuteHD terminated this LED when playback has stopped. I don't really understand why Chord changed this. For us upgraders it would have been nice to atleast read in the manual that the current behaviour of the led is normal. It would have saved me allot of time and trouble :P.

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