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devialet and phantom


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think only you can answer that Bob, the question is not one about hi-fi or computer audio but more about your own "needs" such as lifestyle choice, where you will use them and what you want in terms of quality.


I have a D200; I was impressed with the Phantom at its price point but it didn't feel as good as my main equipment. Phantom would be excellent in a 2nd room etc.

Aurender X100L > Audiophilleo USB/SPDIF > Devialet 200 > Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation

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if you were setting up one listening room it would be redundant to buy both.


the phantoms are a standalone unit, they can not be powered from the d200's.


so you either need to pick the d200 and find suitable speakers and sources to go with it or the phantoms, get 2 of them and a dialog.

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