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IDAGIO - For Classical Music Lovers

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36 minutes ago, rodrigaj said:

FYI, Regarding Idagio and gapless playback. Apparently, gapless has been available in iOS since April.


Here is part of their version history:




Thanks for the update.



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Very impressed with the choice of music on idagio. The choice between versions in some cases is stunning. The quality of playback, both in normal and lossless is quite satisfactory, both through headphones in the phone and in the home stereo. It is interesting that idagio goes beyond only classical music, for example Keith Jarrett's jazz recordings on ECM are very widely represented. 

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Idagio now offers a booklet view with their App and they have live video streams. Outstanding streaming service if you are a classical music listener.


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2 minutes ago, rodrigaj said:

Idagio now offers a booklet view with their App and they have live video streams.


To clarify for the benefit of others:  Within the app, the newest albums have a link that opens the album booklet in PDF format in a web browser window, where you can view or download the PDF.  Since this is a new feature, most albums do not yet have booklets.


Where do you find video in the app?  I don’t see it.  I just updated the Mac app to version 0.0.118.


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