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IDAGIO - For Classical Music Lovers

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5 hours ago, Bob Stern said:


I just exchanged emails with Lukas, one of the two customer service reps who authored some of the FAQ articles.  He clarified that the advertised 10€/month subscription includes all quality levels, including lossless redbook streaming.  There is no premium or higher cost plan.


There is an annual subscription rate that's cheaper than the advertised monthly rate, but he didn’t tell me what the annual rate was.  He said the annual rate was not available yet for iOS.

10€ for lossless would be a great deal. Would have to see how extensive their catalog is but worth keeping an eye one it. 


That said, for a regular purchaser of high res material like me the Qobuz Sublime offer with the massive discounts on purchases still probably comes cheaper in spite of the higher monthly (or actually annual) cost. 


Plus I get Jazz (and all other genres) as well. 

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On 10/6/2018 at 11:09 AM, Bob Stern said:

Idagio may have a much more extensive selection of classical recordings than Qobuz.


As a quick test, I searched for Brahms op 51 on both platforms.


Qobuz UK returned 17 albums:  12 albums with both op 51 quartets, 3 with only op 51/1, and 2 with only op 52/2.


Idagio returned recordings of op 51/1 by 31 different ensembles, and op 51/2 by 28 ensembles.  Here's a list of their op 51/1 recordings:

Brahms op 51-1 - Idagio - 31 hits.png

It may simply be that Idagio is better st tagging, especially the opus numbers are not always given. 


That said better tagging in itself is a major competitive advantage in classical music. If Idagio really got this right, that may be an incentive to switch.

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2 hours ago, mkozlows said:



$15/month for an add-on service is a steep ask, but Idagio is just really solid for classical. (Being in the US, I can't compare it to Qobuz, so no idea how that stacks up.)

Tagging isn't one of Qobuz particular strengths, which is weird given how much emphasis they put on classical music.


You get a lot of curated content and text, but tagging is a bit of a mess. You'll better off searching for quatuor, quartet and Quartett if you're looking for e,g. a particular Beethoven string quartet and you want to be sure to find all versions. 


What's good about Qobuz is the fact that you have other genres as well, I'm quite into Jazz too so I'd feel limited by a classical only streaming service.


That said, I'm still intrigued by the concept of Idagio, given that I spend probably months tagging my own large library and really see the benefit of it. 

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I share the concerns about Qobuz so-so tagging and average search function. What keeps me from switching to dedicated services like Idagio are two things:


1) the massive discounts you get on high res downloads as a sublime subscriber.  I still like to buy the music I really care about as I’m still skeptical about the long term viability of high res streaming at reasonable cost. 


2) While a majority of my listening is classical music I’m also a huge jazz fan, and it is nice to have access to all other genres when one has guests. 

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