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For sale. Exasound E20 with LPS

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Hello. It's time to sell my beloved Exasound E20. It's been nothing but a pleasure for the last 2 years but I just have too many DAC's now. I'm going fully active so I won't need it anymore. I upgraded the clock to the Femto, and built a matching high quality linear power supply. The power supply was a massive upgrade over the stock one.


It's Native DSD 256 capable as well as 24/384 PCM. It's the only DAC on the market (besides the other Exa's) that streams DSD natively on OSX. You'll be future proof for many years with this DAC as there's no recording technology over DSD 256 available yet.


Original price with Femto clock was $2899. I'm willing to let go with the power supply (worth around $400 for equivalent quality) for $1500.


Please contact me if interested.


Thanks. ImageUploadedByComputer Audiophile1438052475.859142.jpg

ImageUploadedByComputer Audiophile1438052454.089367.jpg

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Hi Blizzard,

Did you perform the mods yourself or have it done at the factory? Would this be shipped in the original boxes?

What type of payment do you accept?

Thank you.




I had the clock put in myself. But it was done professionally with the exact same clock. It's not a hard job just 4 contacts to solder.


Yes I do have the original box. I can accept PayPal.

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Would this be compatable with my Mac mini running Pure Music or would I need a lot of alterations?


Yes works perfect with Pure Music. I have Pure Music as well. In fact if your a Mac guy, there's no better drivers available for any DAC at any price.

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What brand of XLR's pass excellent sound at decent prices since I have never used balanced interconnects?


Do you know how to solder? If so you can get wayyy better interconnects for the price. I highly recommend either Furutech or Neotech. They use the highest purity copper in the world. There's many companies that buy the raw cable from Neotech, put fancy casing on it and triple the price.


Furutech is a bit higher end but pretty close to the same quality. They also make ends that have hex screw terminations if you don't have soldering experience.

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Thank you for the information. The power supply is completely quiet, correct?


No problem. Yes it has a very good toroidal transformer and it doesn't hum at all. Sound is extremely good with a very black background. I haven't compared it against any other LPS's, but I was using a battery supply before this, and it blows it away. And the battery was a big upgrade from the stock supply.

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