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OH NO, another what piece of sound hardware should I get ??

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New here, but what better place right?


I will try to make this quick and easy for you audio pro's..


I recently upgraded my 2012 PC build, new case, nice new 980 ti, all the water cooling needed, and new CPU And mobo. I then wanted to investigate this whole "gaming headsets suck" being its using USB.


I went and bought a decent pair of Audio Technica headphones and mod mic (home made), open back headphones and frankly was shocked how cool they sounded.. They sounded great :)


After a few days I started looking into my motherboards onboard sound and found that it has a separate power connector to power an onboard amp, via molex connector (MSI Gaming 5 z97)


ok so all is good, mother board has some soundblaster software, cinema 2 with all the cool simulated surround sound stuff.


But I've had that itch to get a sound card because after all everyone still swears its better than almost any onboard.

I finally bought a super cheap one during Amazons (not so great) recent sale,


I got the sound blaster omni



its not really a dac, more of an external sound card.. I wasn't expecting much, honestly, but the first time I plugged it in, I was actually very surprised, I was hearing things in games like World of Warships, BF4 and Witcher 3 that I have not heard, more so the bass on these AUD ATHAD500X headphones actually had some with this little card.


I really loved it, I loved the simulated dolby and simulated surround it had, I felt with it off it was not nearly as good.


Well after 3 days, it broke :( The mic function or the port was not working, sent it back.

Now that I know a sound card will make a difference I want to get a little better.


What do you all recommend? I like the idea of a dac, but honestly, a dac has NO software, so no way to simulate and surround, no way to increase the bass like that little sound blaster software had.


But I do like the dac :( maybe one of those fiio dacs with that bass slider? will that allow as much bass as the software possibly?


That said, I was looking at the Sound Blaster ZX, has the little external module to control volume or whatnot.. but besides that I know of nothing else that compares, I guess we should talk budget, I don't want to go over 200, 200 bucks being the high end for now.


what do you audio snobs think?? /wink

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