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Why Acoustics Are So Important (Great Video)

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Nice video illustrating a basic principle that is too often ignored.

And always keep in mind: Cognitive biases, like seeing optical illusions are a sign of a normally functioning brain. We all have them, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, but it is something that affects our objective evaluation of reality. 

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I thought so too when I posted the same video a few days ago .. http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f8-general-forum/acoustic-fun-25159/


And interestingly the first replying was that the video was a fake.......for what purposes I can't fathom but yes, the climate here SUCKS lately.


I, for one thought the video was a very clever yet effective example of the powerful mechanism the acoustics environment has on sound. As an audiophile I'd be far more interested here than with what cables to use.

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