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Sly and Family Stone Live Fillmore at HDT

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New Music Friday and this is supposed to be killer. I'll wait it out to hear about the quality.

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Crap I missed it. How does it sound?




Last Friday, I played the first three tracks. I had converted the FLAC download files using Max to AIFF. You know how these assessments can be so subjective that unless you are the one listening anything I might discern unless I can say highly recommended is suspect (or am I fooling myself). I'd give the DL a grade B or an 80 out of 100 with 100 being Highly recommended.


It's a live recording and sometimes live concerts carry the din of the event. I am fairly critical anyway of what I regard as a high quality recording. Perhaps in fairness, I should give a second and third listening. So please regard my remarks as first time. Contrast that with another DL I played the same night, which was the Paul Simon album of the same name 96/24 AIFF. It was gorgeous. In fact my wife's massage therapist asked me for the album's name. And this through KEF X300A in an adjoining room and not my main system.


Hope I have been fair to the Sly and the Family Stone Live At The Fillmore East October 4th & 5th 1968 DL recording.






Oh! AS raised the price to equal other vendors. More likely their mistake than a gift. Or not.


Sly and The Family Stone Live At The Fillmore East October 4th & 5th 1968.jpg

Paul Simon Paul Simon.jpg

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Pono also has it got 39.99. I guess Acousticsounds hasn't realized that it's a 34 track double album.


Which makes one wonder how are these retailers forming their prices and what is their margin if one could sell the same files for 40 and the other for 18 just because the latter hadn't realised he could have gotten more :-)

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