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"Ripping" vinyl - more specifically cataloguing vinyl albums


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This question is not really about ripping vinyl but rather about how to get the information regarding vinyl as if it had been ripped.


I am a confirmed/satisfied Mediamonkey (MM) user.


Mediamonkey can only import data from a CD by scanning the ripped data. There is no allowance for entering data otherwise.


I have about 1500 records that I would like to be able to "appear" to have in Mediamonkey only so that my entire music collection is in one database. My CDs have all been ripped, tagged, et cetera. I have no desire to digitize the vinyl for many reasons.


Accordingly, if this project were successful I would have all of my artists/albums together whether on the computer or vinyl. This would allow me to search/sort etc the ENTIRE collection. I still have to go find the vinyl album but I am OK with that.


The only technique that I can think of would be to import a "dummy album" with dummy songs (short stubs as place holders). This would be done over and over again for each (vinyl) album but would then require each album title (folder) and artists to be manually relabeled as well as each of the song titles (a dummy mp3 file of only a few seconds length). This would get a bit old for > 1000 albums.


There must be some way to do this with the help of the Internet/databases, etc that would allow one to create a folder under the artists name and then the names of each of the songs in the vinyl album. This is essentially Operating System work, creating folders and song entries in the folder.


The MM web site is helpful but no one has a solution


Any help would be appreciated.



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You can auto-tag from the file name and you can auto-organize your files. Thus, say if you have all your vinyl albums in a Vinyl directory, with Artist sub-directories and an Album sub-sub-directories, MediaMonkey can easily tag the album info using the auto-tag tool.


This is not too much different from adding the Reference Recordings HRx discs to your music library where data files are just copied into user-defined artist and album folders. The music tracks and cover artwork go in the album folder and the album folder is located under the artist folder.


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