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Lampizator Big 7 USB Connection Help


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Hi There,

I got my hands on a Lampizator Big 7 DAC and am enjoying it so far via SPDIF connection. I have a Lavricables USB cable and have tried it but can't seem to get my PC to recognize the DAC. I've tried downloading the required driver, but this doesn't seem to do the trick.


My other DAC, a Burson 160, was recognized without any issue and I can select the USB option easily from the PC Control Panel. So far though I can't get the Big 7 to get recognized by my PC via USB.


Any assistance would be appreciated. I'm particularly keen to try the DSD DAC but I believe I need to do that via USB.


The Lampizator Big 7 Manual seems to provide a lot of details (including screen shots) for some aspects of setting up the DAC but is pretty thin on the USB setup.

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