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Pono World +Fiio X3 2nd gen?

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Recently acquired Fiio X3 2nd gen - looks pretty good, however, having a hard time finding a music library manager that will sync - itunes, of course does not work with it directly, doubleTwist, for whatever reason fails to sync some files, iSyncr wants an android device... so on... also, running on mac, so what seems to be the best option, MediaMonkey is not available...



Apparently, looks like Pono World could work - recognizes the device and attempts to transfer - however, before putting in the work, wanted to get your opinion and/or experience if you have tried and/or done it.



(yes - copying files with the os file manager works to the sd card works, however, the music library interface seems more convenient - easy selection, space calculations, etc)



thnx in advance! :-)




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