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Happy now... want to be even happier

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Thanks for all your prior advice. The music sounds as good as my ears can hear these days.


My current system consists of a conventional backend... a tube amp and a pair of Merlin speakers. I have a Rega DAC-R connected with RCA cables (that's all the amp takes). It's front-ended with Apple TV (toslink... and yes, I know this limits the playback). I stream iTunes wirelessly from my MacBook Pro via AirPlay.


I may invest in a Mac Mini at some point, but not just yet. What I want to do is have the ability to remove the MacBook from the picture and also not have to use my TV as the Apple TV interface. At first I thought about getting a Koolertron/Lilliput 7" touch monitor and using my phone with VNC. This morning's epiphany(?) was... why don't I just buy a (used or refurbished) high capacity iTouch and use that as my iTunes library/remote via AirPlay.


Does that make sense?

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As long as it will support the software you need to run.


I use an iPad Mini as my remote control. Bought the old version when they were being discounted to make room on the shelves for the newer version.

Analog: Koetsu Rosewood > VPI Aries 3 w/SDS > EAR 834P > EAR 834L: Audiodesk cleaner

Digital Fun: DAS > CAPS v3 w/LPS (JRMC) SOtM USB > Lynx Hilo > EAR 834L

Digital Serious: DAS > CAPS v3 w/LPS (HQPlayer) Ethernet > SMS-100 NAA > Lampi DSD L4 G5 > EAR 834L

Digital Disc: Oppo BDP 95 > EAR 834L

Output: EAR 834L > Xilica XP4080 DSP > Odessey Stratos Mono Extreme > Legacy Aeris

Phones: EAR 834L > Little Dot Mk ii > Senheiser HD 800

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