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E-MU 0202 with Snow Leopard .. getting cpu/hd chatter?


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So, I finally made the leap and bought a usb DAC to power my M-Audio AV40's. When music is playing (and it sounds great, btw!) and I proceed to do anything CPU intensive, I get a lot of static/chatter over the speakers. Now, I'll preface that by saying, I'm not using any overly expensive USB cable, just a decent one with the gold plugs for connecting the 0202 to the computer. I'm using a regular 1/8" -> rca cable for connecting the 0202 to the AV40's.


I'm playing 90% Apple Lossless content using Ecoute (an app that uses the iTunes database).


Any advice or help would be much appreciated.





--[br]MSI P45 Platinum | Intel Q6600 | 8GB (4x2GB) 1066mhz G.Skill | EVGA 8800GT 512MB | Antec 900 (w/ Cooler Master 750w PSU) | 3x Samsung F1 1000GB | Seagate 400GB (Time Machine) | Seagate 500GB (Windows 7) | Asus DVD-RW (DL) with Lightscribe | Gateway 21\" FPD2185W | LG 24\" L246WP | Logitech MX518 | Apple Wired Keyboard (w/ Numpad) | Wacom Grapphire (3x5) | E-MU 0202 -> M-Audio AV40[br]--[br]Running Snow Leopard 10.6.x

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I have the E-MU 0404 and encountered a similar problem - activity on the PC would cause noise that was persistent until playback was paused and restarted. I believe the output architecture of the 0202 is very similar to that of the 0404 so perhaps this solution will work for you. Increasing the ASIO buffer size resolved the problem for me. I used Wavelab for this tweak, but, of course, that's a PC application. Looking at the documentation, it looks like you can do the same thing in Ableton Live. I set the ASIO buffer to 200 ms and the noise stopped.


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