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Help: USB DAC work differently for different tablet that support OTG

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Hi mates,


Really need your help here. Im using a XiangSheng DAC-03A to plug directly into my Samsung tablet using otg. It was working perfectly fine when my tablet was dropped and it was not longer working.


Earlier before my tablet, i realise my phone which can support otg dont work well with the DAC. It would work for a while and suddenly the music auto stopped. I had another tablet, mipad which can support the OTG had the same problem.


I was wondering, what really is the problem that the USB DAC work fine with some phone and tablet while some just dont work?


Can someone help? hate to get another new tablet.. =(

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Hi Bro. Thanks.. I have read on that article before.. however the problem now is device specific. I have no problem with my Samsung tablet s tab at all, however some tablets and phone with otg support doesn't work instead..


I was wondering if it is some voltage issue?

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Hi mate,


Many thanks for the link, I have read and learned a lot from the thread in the past. I have purchased the tablet based on the list.


Im using the mipad right now, it does work. However, for some reason, the music player automatically stop playing after awhile for the mipad, while samsung S tab 8.4 doesnt have this issue.


Perhaps I need to root it?


A list of stock Android-powered devices reportedly interworking with compatible USB DAC:

stock Android device > digital USBaudio out >> USB DAC>> amp>> headphones



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