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Lampizator Big 7 - PCM384 & DSD256 (EU/230V)

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I'm reluctantly selling my Big 7, in excellent condition. Several changes in my life recently mean I have to let it go to free up cash and give me more space in my new abode (this DAC is not surprisingly "Big"). Here's the spec:


* Voltage 230V

* PCM 384 and DSD 256

* USB and SPDIF inputs

* Dueland caps

* Switchable tubes - "45" = EML45, WE101D, 245, 345 etc "2A3" = 2A3, 300B, 6A3 etc


I'm including a pair of EML 45 solid and Sylvania 6A3 tubes.

Also including several top rectifiers I have separately paid over £600 for: GZ34 Mullard metal base, Mullard 5U4G black, GEC/Osram U52 brown base.


I am the second owner and bought this in March 2015. Since then I have paid approx. £800 to Lampizator to upgrade the DSD to quad rate 256 and have the voltage swapped from 115V to 230V. There is now very nearly 5 years transferable warranty remaining as the unit was thoroughly checked over by Lampizator in Poland as part of the DSD upgrade and voltage swap.


Asking the same I paid for it - £4635 (receipt available). This is literally exactly what I paid 4 months ago, and since then as stated I have paid £800 for upgrade works and I'm including the additional £600 of rectifiers. Stated price includes paypal fees and secure courier shipping to EU (I have lots of good feedback on Ebay and Head-Fi).











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I should clarify that this DAC is effectively "Gen 5" rather than "Gen 4" as shown on the plate as it has also been upgraded to accept rolling tubes (101D, 422A, 274B, 300B etc) and rolling rectifiers (5U4G, 5AR4, GZ34) rather than only 6x5 for rectifier.

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Have you by any chance advertised this DAC on ...


HiFi.nl - Muziek - Film - Lifestyle - Hoogwaardige weergave van audio, video, muziek en film


Coz I contacted the member on Hifi.nl and he has a completely different name & location than yours...


but he sent me additional pictures of this same DAC (the picture in his ad is the same as the 8th pic from the top of your lineup) with the same serial no. To my mail box, could you please clarify?

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