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Implement Spotify playlist in apple music?

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Once upon a time there was only Spotify, right after another streaming platform was launched, followed by another and in the end apple thinks they can reinvent the wheel! :D However I would like to see how it works with apple, because I like apple I have a lot of apple products, therefore it would be nice to try it!


Can someone help, how can I implemt my playlist from Spotify to apple music or at least what can I do if I don't wanna loose all my music I have on Spotify?



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That is a good question and indeed spotify offers a tool to transfer the playlists, however in my case it didn't help or it helped only partly! I decided to have a look for a better solution! And I found one - my solution now is a streaming reorder, which allows me to record the Music played on Spotify or on apple music.. At the moment I use a software, which is pretty good it is called Audials Tunebite (Link attached: http://audials.com/en/how-to-record-stream-capture-music-videos-movies-from/apple-itunes.html). There are als other Solutions on the market, maybe this will help in your case!

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