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Oppo 105D as a transport

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Greetings everyone


I was using a audio pc (shuttle Z77R5, PPA ram, PPA ssd, custom), and since if was both a audio and HC computer (win 2012,AO script), with great result, feeding a W4S dac2 DSD femto clock.


Since this computer was in a closed cabinet (yet ventilated), while I'm living in a tropical island, I decided to try out an Oppo 105D, since it offers a lot beside reading BR:)


It was not a simple move, since I've invested a LOT in my pc, and well...


Anyway, I'm now using it as a numeric transport, feeding my W4S dac via coaxial. My nas (DS414 mini) is just near, with audioquest lan cables, everything is on a furman unit for power.


My coaxial cable and XLR cables (pachanko spectrum revelation XLR) are the ones from my friend Michel, the creator of pachanko product line.

The pre amp is the W4S STP SE, the amp the W4S SX500, the lp Waterfall Victoria Evo


To my surprise, the music that flow from this setup is as balanced as the one from the computer, the depth of the scene, the overall equilibrium of the tones is on par with my computer setup.


Three people already listened to my system, with the same comment : it's balanced, easy to listen to, and easy to use.


There are upgrade possible for the oppo 105D, one major involving the PSU, but the results are now quite well known.


I'm really happy about this product, I did fear this would be a downgrade from my audio pc (which was not fully optimised that I know), but it's actually very good.

Anyone experienced audio with the Oppo product line?

Again, forgive my potentiel english faults, I'm a french cow:)



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What are you playing on the Oppo? CDs, other discs, files from USB storage or network?


I had a Oppo 95 for a couple of weeks, then returned it to get an Oppo 93 because the 95's fan was too loud (the 105 is fanless of course).


On both players, I found the drive to be flimsy and noisy with some discs. No comparision with the high end CD players I've been used to (Sony ES) for the past two decades.


As a file player, the Oppo has the big disadvantege of not offering gapless playback. I've heard that they partly managed to fix that with firmware upgrades on the 103/105.


So I'm currently only using the Oppo 93 for Blu-ray video and DVD-A (I have another SACD player). Since coaxial output from BD-A is limited to 24/48, I'm ripping those discs and play the files.


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I've had Oppos for the last 5 years but my experience is different to yours. For me they are still an unbeatable "do it all" solution at the price, but as my listening experience has moved on, I realise they are not quite the bargain I used to think.


I currently have a 105EU and when used as a transport for PCM into my Hugo DAC via SPDIF , the SQ is definitely inferior to either a pretty basic fanless PC via USB and way behind my Bryston BDP either on SPDIF or USB.


Where I think the Oppo still shines though is playing SACD (via onboard DAC). I recently demoed a £5k Esoteric SACD player against the Oppo and it wasn't all one way. I suspect it's the output stage of the Oppo that lets it down, so I can believe those who rave about the Modwright modification.


Personally though , I wouldn't rate the 105 as particularly effective or value for money used as a transport only.

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