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Brainus Crampus: Part Deux

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Thanks for the info to my last question.


While waiting for my hardware to arrive, I am embarking on the task of ripping CDs into iTunes (my library of choice). I have tried to search the forum, but with so many threads it's daunting. I just want to do it right the first time.


My iTunes library was originally begun back in 2001. I have added about 3000 songs over the years. I also have about 750 CDs (I'll rip from them and many have already been added to library). I've ripped CDs in many formats and only the newer stuff is Apple Lossless.


My first question: My understanding is that importing CDs as Apple Lossless is the best plan. (I'm not so interested in AIFF because it takes up so much space.) Yes? No?


Second: (Assuming first answer is yes.) Should I buy into iTunes Match first and download Apple Lossless versions of all my music already in the existing library?


After that, I'll begin ripping my CDs in Apple Lossless.


At that point, I'll have a Master Library, all Apple Lossless (except for the few tunes that Apple doesn't own the rights to). The library will reside for now on my MacBook Pro. I'm buying a Mac Mini to connect to a Rega DAC-R, so I'll want to copy the library from the MB Pro to the Mini. So far so good?

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The choice of ALAC makes sense to me, some people perceive differences to AIFF, I don't.


However, note that iTunes Match won't give you Apple Lossless versions. All music you'll ever get from Apple at this point, whether streamed, bought on the iTunes Store, or iTunes Matched, will always be lossy, usually at AAC256.

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