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Amarra + TIDAL

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Yes, Roon has an excellent music discovery capability, and integrates Tidal and your local files. It is my understanding that Amarra Sq+ does not work with Roon. So the question is whether you are satisfied with the sound quality of playback by Roon versus Amarra Sq+. IMHO the sound quality of Amarra for Tidal is slightly better than Roon, but the user interface is terrible in comparison. So, either Roon Labs improves their sound quality to equal to that of Amarra, or Amarra cuts a deal with Roon (like they did with Tidal) to integrate Amarra as an alternative sound engine for Roon.

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I understand Roon will soon have integration of HQPlayer, handily surpassing anything else IMHO.


In the meantime I think Roon should work with Amarra SQ if you set the output device accordingly in Roon.




Yeah, just set output to SonicStream in Roon.


Currently Amarra for Tidal is just a bare minimum player but giving almost the same sound quality of the regular Amarra software in cache/playlist mode.


Roon is a whole music discovery service for local and Tidal streaming. However, in my system, using exclusive mode/integer gives me just as good if not better sound quality than Amarra. Amarra has a unique sound, so you lose that but Roon's integer mode is more dynamic and even blacker background.


There's also a huge price difference between the two software programs. For me, I sprung of one year of Roon because what good is Tidal's huge collection without discovering it. The funny thing is I'm finding I'm listening to my local files more at the moment since I got Roon.

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