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various functions Deezer Elite vs Tidal

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Hi all-


I'm home demo-ing an Aries streamer this weekend and trying out Tidal. I like the streamer, I'm not sure about Tidal. Technically, it's working well (no dropouts) but I'm not thrilled with the feature set. What I most wanted this for was not to create my own playlists or to call up records I already know but to stream a jazz "channel" or a rock "channel" etc. I'm not sure the curated playlists do it for me. And I also note that the "genre" function doesn't seem to appear in the Tidal app on the Aries anyway. And it just seems a bit buggy. Like when I select an album it plays the first song and then reverts to what it was playing before.


How well does the interface for Deezer Elite work? Can I select a few jazz songs I like, and have it create a station for me, etc? And is Deezer Elite coming to Aries? If not and it has more of the features I care about, I might try Sonos (probably with a Synchro-Mesh from Empirical Audio to clean up the jitter).


Thoughts from those who have tried Deezer Elite vs Tidal?




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