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Dynamic EQ and/or Systemwide Mac EQ

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I am looking for software to improve the lingering problems with my 2 channel.


So I've essentially optimized my front end - I'm flat enough from 20hz-20khz, plenty of output, etc... But there are some problems that can't be fixed with EQ, acoustic panels, etc...


I'm looking to do 2 things:


The first is that I want something to adjust for equal loudness contours at different output levels - sometimes I can crank it, sometimes I need it a little quieter. I think Audyssey Dynamic EQ does something like this, but I'm looking for either a software solution or outboard box that's inexpensive and/or that gives me some tweaking abilities. What I imagine is that I always have my SPL meter/mic hooked up to my computer/some box, which is constantly measuring the SPL and adjusts the output accordingly.


Why can't I just buy an AVR? Well I guess I could buy an AV preamp to connect to my miniDSP (which does my EQ and XOs), but that seems silly and too expensive for taking care of just this one issue.


The second is that I listen to a broad range of music. I love Jazz and Jay Z, but run into mastering issues making listening to most hip hop unbearable. Their producers don't expect you to actually be able to hit 20hz at 100 something dB, so the bass boost sounds awful on my setup. So what I want is a quick way to apply a filter reducing bass below a level I will determine through trial and error (perhaps its 200hz, perhaps it's lower) that can be applied via a single button on my mac or some hardware. I guess what I'd need is a systemwide software-based EQ (I use iTunes, spotify, VLC, etc... - can't use just the built in iTunes one). With that said, it'd also be nice if they had some other fun DSP toys - maybe crossfeed for when I use headphones, DR expanders, etc...


I've read a little about people using soundflower and AU plugins for things like this, but I A) feel like there must be an easier way; and B) wouldn't know what plugins to use.


I could do maybe do something like this with my miniDSP 10x10, but I'm looking for something a little faster. I don't want to always have to keep their software open, and the switch to different configurations takes 30 seconds or so. I know - first world problems.


To clarify - the miniDSP 10x10 functions as my DAC/Preamp/EQ & XO. My computer is the only source and feeds optical right into it.

Any thoughts?

Flac audio (MBP) to miniDSP 10x10 running REW and active crossovers to ADCOM GFA 555 and 2 QSC GX5's (Tri Amped). Using Paradigm Studio 100 V.2 Speakers modded for the Active Crossover and stereo Velodyne HGS12 subwoofers.

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