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Questions about ripping LPs

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I am a new computer audiophile and have a question or two about ripping LPs. An upcoming international move has pushed me first to rip my CDs and now to start on my LPs.


The set up I have been using is:


Mac Mini, powerpc G4 1.5 Ghz

Apogee Duet


I am delighted by the quality and convenience of the music server I set up for the CDs.


I just started ripping LPs though and the results so far have not been great. While for much of the track, it records fine, but periodically there is a warbling or drop in sound that does not occur in straight vinyl playback. It almost sounds like a scratch, but without the noise of a scratch.


I do not think I am doing anything basically wrong in the set up. Could it be that I am using an older mac? Do I need more processing power? Or could it be cable interference? With the apogee the nest of cables has grown a bit. I would not think this to be the problem though since vinyl playback is fine.


Anyone else had this kind of distortion?


I would appreciate any suggestions.





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I'm hoping you're using a proper RIAA phono pre before going into the converter. Trying to mate pro or prosumer equipment to audiophile equipment is a nightmare. We've been archiving vinyl for clients now for years. Audacity or Garageband is just fine. We're using a Manley Steelhead for our phono pre going into a Digital Audio Denmark or EMM Labs converters and using a Pyramix DSD/DXD workstation. It's a major undertaking, that's for sure. We don't use any pop/tick removal because it take too much away from the vinyl experience. We'll have direct-cut vinyl recorded hi-rez files available soon for download... all the way up to 32/352.8kHz!!





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^ Agreed in every detail (from my strictly amateur perspective). If Greg had been using a more processor intensive app for recording then I was going to recommend Audacity as an alternative.


Some things that might help: More ram and a bigger, faster hard disk (personally I've had no problems daisy chaining a firewire external to the Duet). Also try some test recording at a lower bitrate - if you use 44.1 instead of 96 (which is the max. possible on the Duet) it's a lot less data to move. It will sound less like vinyl at the lower bitrate, but depending on the rarity of your lps and/or the quality of the currently available cd remasters, you may be happy with the compromise.


Instead of removing clicks digitally, which is very time consuming and, as stated above, takes away more than just the flaws, I recommend careful cleaning before you start recording. Even playing the record all the way through will help, as the stylus itself removes a lot of debris, but for more hardcore cleaning have a look at something like this:




I don't sell them, but I've tried one and it worked well. No doubt there will be other similar ones that are equally effective, I think I've seen one that costs as much as a new turntable if you get really carried away!


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Thanks for your responses.


I think it must be a RAM related issue or some other software compatibility problem with Audacity. I tried recording with Audio Recorder, an even more basic recorder, and it worked fine. The soundPlayback was fine in Cogs and Itunes, but not in Audacity. Audacity does not sound right even when I am just monitoring the volume from the LP.


I have just been ripping at 44.1 so far, but I will try it at 96 later today.


Since my computer is not upgradeable I am just going to rip as many LPs as I can before the move and worry about editing at a later date, when I have a better computer I may edit. Though honestly, I am so accustomed to playing LPs that the occasional click or pop really does not bother me.






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