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Help on USB Audio Interface Driver Issue


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Hi I am quite new to this forum and CAS as well. I have an issue on USB audio interface.


I installed Windows 8.1 Enterprise. Plugged the interface into a Intel USB 3.0 port and then installed the driver. It did work well.


Then I disabled some services through services.msc. I happened to plug the interface into a Intel USB 2.0 port, then it could not be recognized and of course the driver was not loaded. I also tried to plug the interface to a PCIe USB 3.0 port, but everything was good.


I uninstalled the driver, and then plugged the interface to Interl USB 2.0 port and reinstalled the driver. Now installation failed. I guess it was caused by service disabling.


Who have a clue or thought which service is related to this issue? I enabled Play & Plug, but it did not solve the issue.



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