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Odd problem with Gustard U12 and Audioquest Eagle Eye

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Anyone else out there have this combination with no problems? Can't get this to synch with my DAC at 176/192, take the batteries out of the AQ DBS unit

or swap in a different coax cable, all is fine. I've ordered a new set of batteries for the DBS but suspect its not going to make a difference.




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Have the same problem with my Devialet 200 and AudioQuest Diamond 0.75m digital coax cable. AudioQuest have been very helpful and have offered to re-terminate the cable at no charge. Hope that would solve the issue. Its a bit hit and miss with this one. I have heard from other Devialet users who have had similar problems, and changing the length from 0.75m to 1m seemed to have remedied the problem. I like the AudioQuest brand and philosophy so I am not giving up just yet.

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