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Wadia 121 with Teradak Specialized linear PSU

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Has anyone here ordered, and even better experimented with the new TeraDak Specialized linear PSU for wadia 121 decoding computer?


I'm using the Wadia with the factory supplies PS and am wondering if the Teradak upgrade gives gains in Sound Quality? Should Wadia 121 owners spend money on this PSU?


Thanks a lot for all opinions and hopefully experiences!



Auralic Aries Mini > SBooster Vbus Isolator > Clicktronic USB 2.0 cable 0.5m > UpTone Audio REGEN (amber) > Curious USB REGEN link > Wadia 121 Decoding Computer > inakustik Reference NF-102 (RCA) > PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Integrated Amplifier (EL34 tubes) > AH! DLS Direkt KB10 Speaker Cable > Sonus Faber Liuto Tower

~ and ~

Wadia 121 Decoding Computer > Belkin male 3.5-3.5 stereo jack iPod cable (with 6.3 adapter) > Sennheiser RS180



Dedicated power group > Oehlbach Powercord OFC 1.5mm2 Schuko-C13 > Furman AC-210A E Power Conditioner > Powerline 1 to PrimaLuna, Powerline 2 to Brennenstuhl Premium Powersocket


UpTone Audio REGEN is powered by Meanwell SMPS with SBooster Ultra for REGEN

Auralic Aries Mini is powered by SBooster BOTW P&P ECO 15/16V with SBooster Ultra 15V

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