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Best 24 Bit FLAC Player for iOS 8


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Hello - I hope this is the right place to post this.


I'm trying to find the best 24 Bit Flac player for the iPhone 6 Plus & the iPad Mini 3 ...


I'm using an ALO International DAC / Headphone Amp connected through a Lightning Connector cable.


I have specifically tried Cappricio, and the free sample of AmpliFlac. I've found a considerable acoustic difference between them, which makes me wonder what else is out there that I haven't tried.


Has anyone tried Golden Ears by Chaoji Li? I'm not sure I want to commit $8 without a sampler.


Full Album Art is a must ... (which eliminates apps like FLAC Player).


Landscape is not a game-breaker, but it would help with my car setup.


I would prefer having the ability to create, or at least manage Playlists within the app.


Cost isn't an issue, especially since most of these apps run $10 or less.


There seems to be quite a few people like me pursuing this information.


There also seems to be a, yet to tapped, market out there for a serious audiophile oriented developer.


Any assistance would be appreciated.



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