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Looking for a good speaker/receiver combination for ceiling speakers in my basement

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I am renovating my basement and am thinking of putting in about 6 speakers into the dropped ceiling. I would like them to be 2 channel speakers and the receiver to be able to connect to my home network VIA standard CAT5 (Wifi/Bluetooth is not important to me).


I would like to be able to control the speakers via computer and via android, as well as support for Spotify, Sirius, and Pandora, as well as streaming from computer and from android. I am a computer programmer so as technology enabled of a receiver as possible would be great.


As far as sound quality I listen to a bunch of different stuff from EDM to Bachata to movie soundtracks so I would like an all around good speaker with good highs and lows and reasonable mids.


If you can suggest a cheap option, a mid level option, and an expensive option I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you!


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Speaker suggestions for you:


Sonance in ceiling speakers are good. i dont know where you are from but i would consider these mid level.


Sonance VP-66R are about $849 AUD a pair


expensive options -


speakercraft Aim 8 five series 2 retail for $2,300 AUD a pair

sonance VP88r $3,149 AUD a pair

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