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Hi guys,


My first post and glad to be part of the community. Been lurking here a while now. Some advice would be great.


Currently I use a vortexbox appliance to serve music and also the vb mpd player connected via USB to my audiolab mdac.


It's all good but I kind of feel that the server and player should be separate boxes based on the assumption that the less the player has to do the better for sound quality?


so I was contemplating one of the following:


1) mini itx based player - Linux based using mpd

2) raspberry pi using volumio, but concerned by the USB/Ethernet shared bus

3) beaglebone black with volumio which gets around the rpi bus issue but I understand the clock cannot natively handle 44.1kbps since it works in multiples of 48kbps only



1) am I wasting my time? Is my vb combined server/player going to be as good as separating the functions into different boxes?

2) is the bbb considered a better option than rpi?

3) most of my music collection is 44.1kbps (cd rips) so I expect that the bbb would upsample to 48k and thus present a non bit perfect stream? But if I'm outputting to an async USB dac, is this relevant?






Should have posted this under 'music servers'... Sorry

Vortexbox/ HDPlex LPSU- Ifi Mercury - Uptone Regen/ HDPlex LPSU (9v) - Audiolab Mdac - Naim NAC72/ Naim Hicap - Naim NAP140 - Avondale Blacklink cables - Linn Keilidhs

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