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Album Player 2.103

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Audio player Album Player 2.103


Hi anyone use this player?

I have try it and seems it is very nice player

Any thoughts ?



I like it a lot. Very straightforward, music sounds as you would expect, with good body, depth and detail. Just opening it and using the default output of the PC it wortks fine. I would like to understand the output options better. If I change to ASIO or KS with my DAC it will not engage the volume control. It will not preserve the preferences I check. Why is that?

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I listened to this all evening with a wide variety of music, mostly jazz and classical. I employed Fidelizer and Process Lasso, on a 2014 Mac Mini running Windows 8.1 and my Arcam DAC. I listened straight into my amps using the software's volume control. I sourced files from both the server and an SDXC disc. I preferred the latter. I got a very spacious presentation, with a broad soundstage, excellent imaging and a realistic heft to the instruments. Not fussy, just warm and musical with just the right amount of detail. One test was one of my wife's favorite albums, Parklife by Blur. I don't care much for this sort of thing but Album Player displayed the mix well and made it sound like music to me, which a lot of players have failed to do. There's a notable lack of veiling and digital artifacts. I'd definitely recommend giving this a try.


I'd love to know more about the output modes and how to make the work better. I can't find any manual. Is the developer available to discuss the program?

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Thanks. The new English version helps a lot. I think I have figured it out. You choose an output driver and select "Enable volume" which interacts directly with the DAC, as far as I can tell. The Arcam does allow internal volume control. I believe this bypasses the system volume and any dithered volume, but it would be nice to know how he has set this up. In any event, I'm enjoying the player quite a bit.

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