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alex santos

How to WIFI my HIFI - only Dolry?

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I have a small stereo that has no aux input. It does however have a 30 pin Apple dock connector onboard. As is I can connect iPods and iPhones up to the 4S for music playback.


Note: I am not seeking some ultra hifi experience because this is not my goal. I have another capable system for that.


My goal: Connect a WIFI adapter to the 30 pin dock connector so that I can stream wirelessly to the said stereo system.


Found one solution: So far I found Dolry - Dolry Hi Fi Stone Wi Fi 30 pin connector for Apple iphone and Apple ipod. This seems very capable and meets all my needs but I am wondering if anyone knows other current solutions.




System: Yamaha CRX330, iTunes (all content in lossless ALAC), WIFI, iPhone 5S with AAC content.


Any solutions competing with DOLRY would be appreciated. I am just curious to see if there is any competition to choose from.


Thanks in advance.

Best Regards[br]Alex

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