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Linear power supply for Moon Mind 180?

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I would get the one from Teradak. It is a reputable company. Alternatively, you may opt for the HD Plaex one, but that will probably be an overkill.



PC: custom Roon server with Pink Faun Ultra OCXO USB card

Digital: Lampizator Horizon DAC

Amp: Dan D'Agostino Momentum Stereo

Speakers: Magcio M3

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Thank you sir, Teradak it is!


Hi Viola, I am also interested in upgrading the power supply for my Moon MiND. How did you like the results with the Teradak ? Is there any noticeable improvement ? Did you try other brands such as Teddy Pardo to compare ?


It's the TeraDak DC-30W-TOUCH DC12V 1A Linear Power Supply correct ?

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