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Qobuz to launch 24 bit highres streaming on June 15 - if you have Android

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Just read the announcment below (in French), that if you have Qobuz sublime, you'll be soon able to stream 24bit content with up to 192khz on certain Android players that are able to handle this. Specifically mentioned are HTC One M8 and M9, Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge), as well as Sony Z3+


Allô PP ?! (volet 5) - Bienvenue dans le monde enchanté de Qobuz


Unfortunately I'm all Apple so I won't be able to benefit from this, in spite of my Qobuz Sublime subscription.

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You rather want to make sure you are on an unlimited data package before starting though.


Yes definitely. I for one need not check this: I am carrying an iPhone 4, so I am far from meeting the requirements to use this service. Plus I already lack time to listen to the music I have purchased, so I am not too attracted by the streaming proposition for now.

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Roon have said they have no plans for integrating Qobuz into their system.


I think that's not quite the full story. What Danny at Roon has said is that they're unwilling to work on Qobuz integration as long as Qobuz is on shaky financial ground.


Roon has indicated they'd be open to moving ahead with Qobuz if/when they think Qobuz will be around long enough for Roon to recoup its investment in doing all the integration work. I really like Qobuz — its library is much better for the kinds of music I listen to than is Tidal's — but Roon's approach to the situation seems eminently sensible to me.


Here's a relevant thread on the Roon forum.



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I have try this, there is a selection (connection in wifi or in mobile) whether you want to stream HiRes, CD Quality, or MP3. However, when I select a track it only plays CD quality rather than Hi Res. It might be because I can't output the Qobuz app to external Dac. I can only play Qobuz via the phone internal dac. Phone is LG G2 OS Lollipop.


There is an android app called USB Audio Pro Player that can output to external DAC and has incredible sound quality, however I can't use Qobuz app via this app.


Anyone tried this yet?
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