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Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Around-Ear Stereo Headphone review

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The Wraith 2.0 is good, if you like the darker sound. I get headphones mostly on a whim, if they pique my interest. Last night I was a the office supply store and they had a "Ecko Volt" headphone - nice to look at, plastic, red, very comfy on-ear. And it listed for about $70 USD - also the MSRP on Amazon, which Amazon was generously offering for less than $50. So the office supply price-matched it (generous of them too), and off I went to test it. The simple signature is illustrated below by my EQ curve (green line, inverse of freq. response), and the reason I mention it here is to illustrate how badly young people are being served by bad headphones - when I asked the Apple store reps what they tell the kids when they ask about a headphone they're going to use that sounds a bit muffled - response: "Turn it up".



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