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"Cheap Wine Sucks - A Manifesto" - Argument Seem Familiar?

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Just wanted to share this article whose title may belie its true argument, as it shares too many parallels with the "MP3 IS A-OK" group of journalists and 'people on the street' ... I don't want to paste the whole article here but here's a good little piece (excuse the language, but that's how the modern snarkers tends to write)...


Cheap Wine Sucks: A Manifesto


"But then, there’s this statement from the 2008 study, about tasters “preferring the cheaper wine unless [they’d] undergone wine training.” Uhhh, I’m sorry, maybe I was like bizzy reading a book—but is there something wrong with appreciating an object or an experience more because you have a better understanding of it? How many of us grew up eating way shittier vegetables than we eat now? Have we been “trained” to like organic tomatoes, and does that make us full of shit? Does the fact that it’s way more fun to watch football if you understand what the fuck a first down is make football the wine of sports?"

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