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These amps look like a bargain

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I have no connection with the companies whatsoever and am not looking for new equipment myself, but if you are looking for a new amp (or even a CD player) these look like amazing quality for the money and apparently made in Sweden too:


From the UK distributors site: IPL Acoustics Speakers Professionally Built by iQ Speakers. Abrahamsen




manufacturer site:ABRAHAMSEN© by ECS Holding



I don't think these are available in the USA at this time, but they "look" very high-end. Can't speak to the performance, of course. OTOH, if a Swedish company (Sweden is very expensive) can make equipment like this and sell it for those prices, I have to wonder, what does this say about the pricing of other manufacturers from countries that aren't as expensive as Sweden? Of course, here in the USA we have Emotiva, but even their stuff isn't the bargain it used to be (IMHO),


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