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DSD to PCM conversion in JRiver


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I am trying to get my new server to work with DSD and am running into problems. My Pink Faun server with I2S bridge appears to have problems with DSD converted on the fly to 192/64. The bridge uses a standard WASAPI driver. It produces music for a second, then pops and goes dead. The DAC still shows music playing and a signal, but no music.


I suspect the reason is the bridge and driver supports just up 192/32, so the 64 bits may be causing a problem. I am getting a "

"Not using enough bits to output input directly" message in the audio path in Jriver.


Does anyone know if there is a way to restict the DSD to PCM conversion to 32 bits in Jriver? I am hoping this may solve my playback problem.


Any other suggestions of what may be causing the problem and how to solve it welcome?

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I converted DSD to 192/32 PCM and the converted PCM file still does not work. I get 1 sec sound, then a pop and soun disappears. DAC display still shows data coming in. Any suggestiogn what could be the problem? I suspect the pink faun sound card is the problem, but any suggestions of what I could change in Jriver setting to try to get it fixed are welcome..... Not happy.

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I have mine set to do what you're asking, I think. I have several DSD files - some still will not play because the sample rate is not > 384 khz but is not listed in the DSP studio so JRiver doesn't know to convert it, but that's only one particular disc I think. I am using Realtek Digital out (for now) WASAPI; DSP studio is set to convert everything > 384 to a sample rate my Toslink can handle, with output encoding set to "none." If I go to my output device's advanced settings, I have the top option checked, as well as the third option, Bitdepth is set to automatic, and buffering is 100ms.


Do you know what sample rate shows up in JRiver for your DSD files? I had the exact same problem you are having on a different system and it took awhile to find the right combination of settings but if I remember one thing - it was a lot simpler to solve than I thought it would be.

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If you convert DSD to PCM in JRiver, and make sure convert options DSP is set to 192k in "greater than 192k" then your output is 24/192 (i.e 24 bit depth). You can check it in JRiver by showing bit depth column.

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Isn't this something that would allow DSD playback in foobar? I need DSD to PCM conversion, either on the fly or in batch.


Although it was developed for Foobar2000, It can be used as standallone ASIO proxy with other players. It enables to do 3 things: PCM to DSD, DSD to PCM and DSD upsampling.

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Guys, thanks for help. Problem solved. I had a corrupted DSD file (not sure how this happended). Works fine now. COnverting to 176 PCM.


Congrats on your solution.

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