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iPad for controlling Aries?

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Yes. I really like the “BubbleDS Next”, it has great functionality and great “widgets”. It gives me the opportunity to download files from my music library directly to the music directory on my phone, which makes my phone a more flexible portable player. The UI in BubbleDS next looks much like the ones I´m used to from the squeezebox era, but the functionality is even better in Bubble. As far as I now Kazoo hasn’t any android app, but I tried it on my iPad, it was pretty similar to the Kinsky app, just a little bit more modern graphic layout. The stability of my Aries has been pretty good since I removed my first gen iPad mini from my network. I Hope it stays that way! =)

Minim server,Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit),Auralic Vega, Auralic Aries,Krell Kav-280p, Krell Kav-2250, B&W 802d, Nordost SPM XLR, Nordost Red Dawn XLR, Purist Audio Design Vesta, Wireworld electra 7, 2x2m +1x1m, Harmony Logitech oneKinsky -"folder-view setting" (Lightning DS -just for setup)

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