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Parrot Zik 1.10 Bluetooth Headphones - $195 - CONUS

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Available is a pair of Parrot Zik Version 1.0 Bluetooth Audiophile Headphones. In excellent condition. No tears or torn seams. From non-smoking home. Function beautifully. Includes original box and all accessories. Wired headphone cable, bluetooth charger and cable, and carrying bag. Excellent value. Retail for $399. Asking $195 obo.

Location: CONUS

Shipping: USPS Priority Mail Domestic or International


ZIK Touch-Activated Bluetooth Headphones


The most advanced headphones you've ever heard, touched or seen.



Parrot ZIK Headphones with Digital Active Noise Cancellation create the perfect listening environment for music and calls.


One-touch wireless pairing with Bluetooth® smartphones and players

Earpiece touch controls let you change volume or advance songs with a swipe of your finger

Frequency range 10Hz--20kHz

App-controlled Concert Hall sound customization

Sleek, modern design by Philippe Starck

Rechargeable via USB (cable included)

Plush padded earcups are comfortable and enhance your listening environment

Also connects via standard headphone cable (included)

Dedicated iPhone and Android Apps


NOTE: The ZIK headphones iOS App is currently available at the iTunes® App StoreSM. The Android version is now available from the Google Play Store (requires update to firmware 1.01)


Digital Active Noise Cancellation

Using 4 built-in microphones, ZIK listens to your surroundings and creates an acoustical "mirror" image, which cancels outside noises. You'll experience the perfect, silent environment for music and calls.


Concert Hall Effect

When using a standard headset, your right ear only hears music coming from the right earphone and you left ear can only hear music from the left. To recreate true-to-life sound, ZIK uses a proprietary "Concert Hall" effect. Instead of hearing the music from the side, it makes you feel as though the sound is coming from directly in front as if you were listening to a live concert.


Downloadable Apps for iPhone® and Android® Devices

ZIK includes the Parrot Audio Suite, a unique and modern downloadable App for your iPhone or Android devices. Each App lets you adjust your audio settings and customize the soundscape for the particular music you're listening to.


One-Touch Pairing via Bluetooth® Technology

Just touch your phone to the left earcup to pair NFC (near field communication) capable devices head with a crystal-clear Bluetooth® wireless connection. You can also connect to audio sources via a standard headphone cable (included).


Earpiece Touch Controls

Swipe the right ear cup up or down to change volume. Swipe forward or back to change tracks.


Senses Your Every Move

ZIK headphones have built-in motion detection that automatically pauses your music when you remove them from your head. ZIK also detects jaw movement (like when you're on a phone call) and automatically adjusts its digital noise cancellation and volume for optimal call performance.


Design by Philippe Starck

The renowned French designer created Parrot ZIK headphones to be as beautiful to the eye and to the touch as they are to the ears.


Included in the Box

Mini jack cable, designed by Starck

Micro USB cable for charging and updating

Lined pouch to protect ZIK

Quickstart Guide in 8 languages





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