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Understanding perceived sound differences between playback programs


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Hello all


I'm thoroughly confused - I swear I can hear differences between two separate playback applications on my Windows XP based music server.


Both programs are using "DirectSound" -> Lynx AES16. Even using "ASIO" the differences remain.


There seems to be a distinct difference in clarity of sound and balance between instruments when comparing playback between MediaMonkey and JRiver Media Centre playing the same FLAC files.


All EQ / DSP / volume control etc. is off / neutral.


I have verified the DAC is receiving the correct sample/bit rate.


What could be going on? Is this just placebo or can there be differences?


It's difficult to conduct a blind ABX test with two different software programs - does anyone have suggestions on how this could be done?




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There will be differences, just visit the Amarra thread to see. As to whether those are real or not, again, visit the Amarra thread. I don't recall a consensus aside from some people heard a difference and some didn't.


Just get a friend to help you with ABX testing. Open both software and play the same songs getting the other person to switch between them.


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