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Pono on sale at Frys

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Signed up, examined the deal yesterday, and it's so frustrating lol.


I had been planning on acquiring an ifi nano dsd soon, and then decided to hold off, hard as that is, to see more about the NuPrime udsd at approx the same price point, while also considering the possibility of tossing $100+ more if the upcoming ifi idac2 looks like an upgrade in SQ (headphone amp performance is not a priority with me at this time).


And now this deal comes along.


I really don't do serious listening in portable usage and already have an 80g ipod classic (and Koss porta-pros) that suits my needs at this time.


But this sure seems like a killer deal.




and then this morning i read of AQ's new "beetle" desktop dac @ $149, using an interesting new alternative to the ubiquitous xmos in its design and claiming less noise/jitter issues in such applications. argh again. obviously, there are some different usages intended, and capabilities available, among these items, but even just as a dac, they all seem to merit/invite comparison for basic SQ @ the $150-300 price point.



Frys has Pono player on sale with promo code (easily obtainable) for $250.00 for today only. Maybe tomorrow as ad is a bit vague.
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