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I need help in the San Francisco Area (consultant wanted)

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I have my new Cocktail Audio X40 server in place with a 1tb SSD drive, all my cd's have been ripped to flac and loaded with

my Cocktail Audio server. There are refinements in setup that have to do and I don't have the skill set or knowledge to

finish it. It works, it plays but I can't use my plugplay software on my Ipad mini so I am looking for someone in my area

to help me for pay, kind of like a paid consultant. I do have a system that rivals cost no object stuff which some people

would help me for free just to hear it. I know that sounds conceited but in fact, but my dac and speakers are all custom

made along with my patented audio cable, which has been a life long quest. Everyone that has used my cable have become

converts because it seems to have cured their audiophile itis, the sense that something in your system is wrong and must

be upgraded. That has come to an end for most of my friends (audiophiles) that have given me access to some spectacular

technologies because I have actually made a contribution in their cause.

I am looking for an audiophile that can help me set up the 1/2 of the job I can't do. My system plays, I have access to

my music but not completely in scope of what I was hoping for.

I am kind of desperate for help, hate to put it that way.

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Try Ronald Hall, [email protected]. 415-531-3595. May not be an a-phile but knows his way around computers and software

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Requires a computer geek specifically with UPnP/DLNA network streaming knowledge.


Krobb, presumably you've done the basics by configuring & switching on the X40's UPnP media server? The PlugPlayer app, being a UPnP supporting controller, won't see the X40 if you haven't.



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