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Article: exaSound e12 DAC Review

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Thuandb, to keep from hjacking this thread......these are great questions for the NAA threads. There a a couple very good ones.


And no, there is no need to have the machines tied to one another (like Jplay). No need for one of the machines to have dual NIC cards, etc.

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Ted, a really fantastic review and well written. Thanks. Gotta read that NAA thread as I haven't really looked into this at all.

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Read some reviews on the E22. Pretty much the same sound. Upgrade the clock and sound may even be better due to lack of noise causing display and headphone amp circuitry. Upgrade the power supply and take it to even another level. Another awesome thing about it is, it only consumes 0.5A vs 2A on the E22. That means a higher quality for less money linear power supply can be used with it! I wouldn't even consider any other DAC under $3000. With the above mentioned upgrades it would probably stand shoulder to shoulder to $5000+ DAC's all day long.


Hey, how am I going to upgrade the clock for the exasound e12 as you mentioned? any thoughts?

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