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Pono Player Firmware Update

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With the 200 GB SD (yes, no problems going past Pono's claimed limit) it certainly takes longer to boot, so I imagine that eats some battery right there. I have no idea how much extra power is needed thereafter.


Here's where I asked the same question:


Roon ROCK (Roon 1.7; NUC7i3) > Ayre QB-9 Twenty > Ayre AX-5 Twenty > Thiel CS2.4SE (crossovers rebuilt with Clarity CSA and Multicap RTX caps, Mills MRA-12 resistors; ERSE and Jantzen coils; Cardas binding posts and hookup wire); Cardas and OEM power cables, interconnects, and speaker cables

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Just to inform the other interested readers here as well:

SLIMPANTS answer to your same question in the PonoMusic Forum:

"Go into "Settings" --> "Sleep & Lock" and choose "10 Seconds". 
Start up a tune/album, adjust to desired volume, then wait ten seconds before putting ponoplayer in pocket."


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